Curriculum Vitae

  • October 2014: passed the government exam and licensed as a profession music-therapist, and enrolled as a member of the AIM
  • 2012: Higher degree (2 years) in Music Therapy awarded with a final grade of 108/110 by the Conservatorio di Musica "Alfredo Casella" L'Aquila in collaboration with the l'Università degli Studi dell'Aquila. The course consisted of 827 hours of lessons, laboratories and seminars in the areas of music therapy, psychology and law and 250 hours of supervised work experience
  • 2008: Postgraduate master's degree in the Planning, Management and Marketing of musical performances awarded by the Conservatorio di musica "F.A. Bonporti" Trento
  • 2007: Postgraduate  Master's degree (2 years) in Chamber Music awarded by the Conservatorio di musica "Alfredo Casella" L'Aquila
  • 2003: Diploma  (First Degree) in Pianoforte awarded by the Conservatorio di Musica "Alfredo Casella" L'Aquila.
  • 1989: High school diploma from liceo classico (secondary school focusing on humanities)
Experience in the field of music therapy
  • From 2013: Director of  the music therapy Department at San.Ste.Far in  Abruzzo (L'Aquila, Teramo, Alba Adriatica, etc) for  children with disabilities like Autismus, Dislexia, Mental disabilities, aso
  • From  2013: Director of of the Music therapy Department at the Nursing Home De Benedictis for people with Dementia in Teramo. In 2013 I was also the responsible at the retirement home "De Benedictis" in Teramo of the National Study "Music therapy and dementia", endorsed by the Fondation Sospiro and under the auspices of the Department of Public Nursing, experimental medicine and Forensic Medicine, University of Pavia . The study has included many structures of the Italian territory and was created to determine the scientific results of music therapy used in dementia. The result was a performing initial tests, a series of active, video recorded sessions and hearings, recorded final tests. The results of the study will be announced during the current year.
  • from 2013: Manager of the music therapy Area in the pilot project "Arts and Disability" at FareMusika (Te) for all the people with disability  who want to make Art without barriers
  • from 2010 to 2012: Director of the music therapy department at the Unione Italiana Ciechi  in Teramo and Giulianova for blind and partially sighted children, autistic children and psychiatric patients.
  • 2010-2012: Director of the music therapy project in the schools of the IV Circolo Didattico in Teramo
  • 2011: Music therapy training internship with the Cooperativa Ri.Rei (ex Anni Verdi) in Rome, a daycare center for people with multiple disabilities including motor difficulties, psychiatric problems, autism etc.
  • 2011: Music therapy training internship within the project ISMEZ - fffortissimo, la musica dei bambini...più forte di ogni terremoto l'Aquila. This was a music therapy pilot project organised for elementary school students affected by the 2009 l'Aquila earthquake to prevent post-traumatic disorder problems
  • 2011:Training internship with the Istituto San Giovanni di Dio- FateBeneFratelli in Genzano at the Alzheimer's Center and with psychiatric patients
  • 2009: Director of the music therapy project  at the Teramo daycare center for mental health
  •  2007-2008: Training course in the methodology and practice of the Orff-Schulwerk method (Rome)
  • Early intervention in autism spectrum disorders  (Te-04/2011)
  • Music-therapy in Italy and Europe (AQ-10/2012)
  • WorkShop on Vocality in Musictherapy (Roma/ 01-2013)
  • Workshop on Dyslexia (Roseto/02-2013)
  • Clinical supervision in music therapy applied to Dyslexia (Roma/02-2013)
  • 2013 : 3 days  Workshop at Poppi (AR)with the eminent blind musicotherapist Wolfgang Fasser: Outdoor Music Therapy; The soundscape in music therapy;music therapy and Psychosynthesis: attendance, report and meeting, the corporeality in music therapy: from disabled child handling to dance and prenatal singing and music therapy: circular relationship and dialogue with the child
Experience in the area of classical music, jazz music and artistic director
  • Since 2013: director of the tourist-office of the municipality of Campli with the task of organizing community events, management of tourism revenue, improve the visibility of the community, among other things
  •  Since 2012: founder and artistic director of the FestivalFlorio (Favignana-Tp-Sicily) : the festival was created in collaboration with the municipality of Favignana and in 3 years it became the most important festival of the Sicilian summer. Under the joint artistic direction of actress Amanda Sandrelli for prose it has seen the participation of renowned artists such as Gino Paoli, Danilo Rea, Enrico Pieranunzi, Rita Marcotulli, Chiara Caselli, Fabrizio Falco, Danilo Nigrelli, ensemble Sequenza and others. In September 2015 FestivalFlorio was awarded EffeLabel by European Community and Google Institute , which indicates the most interesting festival in Europe. The festival has a large audience rise to sequence and aroused the interest of the media with reports in Isoradio, Radio3 Suite, Corriere della Sera, Repubblica among others
  • Since  2011: Founder and artistic director of Pomeriggi Musicali with the participation of well-known national artists and the presence on the territory of Abruzzo by hundreds of musicians from participating in the initiative Italian conservatories. All concerts are recorded in live streaming with very good audience. Great national resonance has had season 2011 (titled Maratona Liszt) and 2012 (Claude Debussy e il suo tempo)
  • Since 2010: Founder and artistic director of Campli, Borgo della Musica ProgettoIMC ( ). ProgettoIMC is a Master Class and developed during the last 5 years to the most spectacular Italian Master Class, in cooperation with the Symphony Orchestra of Abruzzo. IMC attracts more than 200 students each year from all parts of the world and produces tens of concerts, conferences, meeting, public lessons, aso
  • 2012: Piano teacher and Music teacher at MusiCity-Rome
  • 2010: establishment of Kymbala Music School in Teramo in collaboration with the IV Circolo Didattico to enable the children of the IV Circolo Didattico to avail of music lessons at reasonable prices
  • 2010: Foundation and direction of Associazione Culturale Kymbala (Kymbala cultural association)
  • Academic year 2010-11: teaching incorporating the Orff-schulwerk method to 1st, 2nd and 4th classes at the San Berardo and Risorgimento schools of the IV Circolo Didattico

(For the final show we staged an interpretation of the Operina "Chi rapì la Topina Costanza" by the contemporary composer R. Vacca.  Given the considerable demand for tickets (1000 people) an additional two showing were organised.

  • 2009-10: pianoforte and keyboard teacher at the Quattro Quarti school in Teramo
  • 01/2009: soloist in pianoforte concert at the Istituzione Palazzo Rospigliosi-Zagarolo
  • 09/2007: Internship with Biennale Musica a Venezia during the 51st edition of Festival Internazionale di Musica contemporanea
  • 05/2007: Internship with the press office of Azienda Autonoma Trentino Spa for the duration of Festival dell’Economia 2007
  • 2007: preparatory music teaching at Caterina di S. Rosa kindergarten in Rome
  • 2007:  collaboration with il Giornale della Musica in which I had multiple articles and reviews published
  • 2007: collaboration with
  • 2007: public relations officer for the music school Donna Olimpia
  • 2007: teaching work at the Allmusic music school in Rome
  • 2006: collaboration with the publishing house Ermitage for the DVD release of La Serva Padrona by Paisiello
  • From 2000: Director of S. Carlo Borromeo alla Fonte Laurentina mixed choir
  • Three-year jazz music course at the St Louis Music School in Rome with musicians including B. Tommaso, J. Girotto, P. Tombolesi and others
  • Choir director for five years (1994 – 2000)  of the SS. Annunziata mixed choir where during my tenure a CD was recorded and numerous concerts were organised
  • Soloist in concerts in Rome and Assisi (2004) and further concerts as a chamber musician (2006 and 2007)
  • Specialist masterclass in Pianoforte at Mozarteum di  Salisburgo with maestro Andrej Jasinski (2004) and with maestro A. Dorensky (2005); and in Minturno (2006) with maestro M. Morelli
  • Masterclass with  P.B. Skoda in L’Aquila in 2005
  • Masterclass  with maestro Loenskov in 2006
  • Official organist for weddings and other official ceremonies at SS. Annunziata church and in other parishes in Rome
  • Private pianoforte tutor since 1996 for adults and children.
Experience in the field of pop music- tourist entertainment

significant experience in the area of pop music, registered as a composer with SIAE (Italian authors and publishers society)

  • Collaborator as a singer and arranger for Radio m100-Rome
  • Vast experience as Piano Bar player for private parties, ceremonies and weddings
  • Summer season 2008 (from August to November 2008): piano bar player at the Gangehi-Maldive (managed by Tour Operator Best Tour)
  • Summer season 2007: piano bar player at the Residence L’Aurora di Sibari Marina - Calabria, Italy
Other info
  • First Certificate in English awarded in 2010 by University of Cambridge
  • Good level of German (B1-Diploma awarded by Upter-Roma)
  • 1995-2005: employees in Co.Ge.Sic, manufacturer of Aqualarm (Anti-flooding system, with the duties of a marketing manager
  • Competent user of the main music composing and notation software packages (Cool Edit, Finale, etc.) and video editing software (Adobe Premier, After Effect, etc.) in addition to the standard software suites such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, etc; Proficient user of  Macromedia Dreamweaver and software for creating websites

Associazione Kymbala

L'Associazione a Trazione Culturale. Attiva su tutto il territorio musicale con Stagioni Concertistiche, Festival Estivi, Masterclass ed altre cose



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